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Car Control Training Designed for You

At Michelin Laurens Proving Grounds, we are passionate about helping you become a better driver. We know your experience and goals are specific to you, so your car control program will be developed specifically for you. No ‘cookie-cutter’ selections here.
Controlled Oversteer on Skidpad

It’s About You

To help start the conversation, we have identified three main categories of drivers that train at the track. Let’s talk about how these categories fit or don’t fit you. Armed with this information, we will create the most effective training program for you.

Who Are You?

The Enthusiast

Being a good driver is a priority. You take pride in being more connected and involved than other people on the road, even though you’ve never had the chance to find your limits.

The Expert

You love driving, and you’re good at it. Whether you’ve spent years developing your skills and pushing limits at track days, driving experiences, and driving schools, or you’re obsessed with driving, but are just starting your journey.

The Thrill-Seeker

You want the ultimate automotive driver’s experience: Life is meant to be lived! There are no ‘do overs.’

Our Tracks

Your program will include some or all of the following tracks.

Wet Handling Track (Track 3)

A state-of-the-art 0.45 mile wet handling course. The combination of a low-grip surface and safe run-off areas makes this track perfect for further developing car control while learning how to lower your lap times. The low-grip surface allows you to learn about throttle modulation, lift-throttle, trail braking, maintaining peak traction and the advantage of smooth driving inputs more quickly than you would on a high-grip surface.
Wet Handling Track
Wet Skidpad

Wet Skidpad (Track B2)

A 0.5-mile polished concrete wet skidpad. Simply stated, this track is the most efficient way to learn advanced car control skills. Your training car will be set up to oversteer, and the low-grip surface forces you to perfect your technique or spin out. We’ve had professional racers from all forms of motorsport drive on this track, and they all spin out at first – it’s that challenging! However, mastering this track lays the best foundation for superior car control.

VDA Pad (Track 8)

A huge 400 x 1400 ft Vehicle Dynamics Area that we like to call the “asphalt lake.” This space has multiple purposes for driver training using a wide variety of vehicles. For example, our Drift-Lift car is utilized here to quickly improve basic car control skills. Instruction on large, fast autocross courses will help improve your lap times. Trail-braking, heel-and-toe shifting, maximizing corner exit speed and other techniques can all be practiced in a safe, controlled environment. You can even explore your own car’s performance on this track and improve your skills while being surrounded by plenty of safe runoff room.
Drift Car
High Speed Handling

High-Speed Handling Track (Track 2)

A 2-mile high-speed handling road course with two configurations. Apply your car control and performance driving skills in a higher-speed setting. Instruction may include a combination of data acquisition, in-car instruction and/or lead-follow techniques to accelerate the learning process.

More Than a Car

Your special car was made to be driven and it was love at first drive. When you bring it to Michelin Laurens Proving Grounds, you can explore your car’s performance capabilities with expert instructors in a safe, controlled environment. We will deliver valuable driving techniques skillfully fashioned for you and your car. You will be challenged, but not overwhelmed as you improve your abilities and explore the limits of your beautiful machine.
What if you prefer to not drive your own car? We’ve got you covered there as well. Contact us to explore additional options.
Car Collection
Kart Fleet

Recommended Add-On

A great addition to your car control training is racing kart instruction. Properly prepared and configured racing karts rapidly build car control proficiency at higher levels. Mastering the quick inputs, finesse and physical demands required to control these karts at the limit will sharpen your senses and improve your ability to skillfully control any wheeled vehicle.
Primary development areas include: threshold braking, reaction time, left foot braking, air pressure effects and carrying momentum through corners.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to take your driving skills to a new level, supercharge your abilities with Michelin Car Control Training.
A full day of individual, one-on-one, comprehensive car control training starts at $4,900.
Train with a friend: Add a driver to your day for $995.
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