Michelin Laurens Proving Grounds Car Control Training

Superior Car Control Training for Ultimate Car Control Skills

Who Are You?

The Enthusiast

Being a good driver is a priority. You take pride in being more connected and involved than other people on the road, even though you’ve never had the chance to find your limits. Maybe you’ve recently purchased a high-performance car and want to experience it in a safer setting than a typical track day. Your car might be able to reach speeds of 150+ mph on a race track. That can be intimidating, but we can help! We’ll have you on track in a safe manner and up to speed as quickly as you’re comfortable.
At Michelin Laurens Proving Grounds, we create a safe, supportive environment for you to explore your potential and really drive. Transfer your knowledge into first-hand experiences and grow into what you’ve always wanted to be: A seasoned, confident driver, that’s ready to handle whatever your drive throws at you.

The Expert

You love driving, and you’re good at it. Whether you’ve spent years developing your skills and pushing limits at track days, driving experiences, and driving schools, or you’re obsessed with driving, but are just starting your journey (and want to build the right foundation), you know that only a select few are as passionate about driving as you!
Acknowledging and pursuing your passion has enriched your life and led you to this moment, where you have an opportunity to supercharge your talents. Whether your goal is faster lap times or improved car control skills, our unbeatable combination of world-class tracks and premium-level instruction will help you be the absolute best you can be.
Our tracks are designed to reveal limits of both driver and machine. Our team of instructors have spent years perfecting their abilities and are excited to help you reach your ultimate potential. With proper instruction, your abilities will markedly improve and controlling your vehicle really can become instinctive.

The Thrill-Seeker

You want the ultimate automotive driver’s experience: Life is meant to be lived! There are no ‘do overs.’
Get behind the wheel of some of the most desired cars on some of the most impressive and exclusive tracks in the world – tracks where some of the greatest cars (and tires) were developed!
We will be by your side as you push the limits of these remarkable and beautiful machines! In addition, your entire behind-the-wheel experience is captured on full HD video! Review and relive the experience whenever you want and share your impressive talents with everyone.