Track 3: Wet Road Course


Track 3 is a .9 mile long wet handling road course (also configurable in a .45 mile length). Because the track surface has a consistent 0.5% slope, the water depth is precisely controlled. This makes it ideal for studying wet handling characteristics, hydroplaning and lateral adherence, in addition to fine-tuning wet weather driving skills.


  • Long Loop: 0.9 miles
  • Short Loop: 0.45 miles


  • Material: Asphalt
  • Surface Texture (Macro/Micro): Smooth/Smooth
  • Aggregate: Limestone

Usage / Features

  • Wet handling
  • Water depth sensitivity
  • Low friction asphalt
  • Water depth averages 1.5 mm
  • Run off area in high speed turns
  • On site APEX building with 2 garage bays, conference room and observation deck (accessible from Track 2 and Track 3)
  • Track 3: IRI = 104.1 in/mile (allows evaluation of water
    depth sensitivity)
Track 2 Map
Wet Road Course

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