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Track 7: Noise Evaluation

Track 7 Map


Track 7 is used for noise evaluation. It includes a drumming surface that accentuates low frequency noise, useful for evaluating interior noise. Another area of this track offers special surfaces and highly-sensitive microphones for measuring pass-by noise. Track 7 also includes an underground camera station that Michelin uses for evaluating how tire treads disperse water.


  • 2650 feet long (excluding turning loops)


  • Material: Asphalt
  • Surface Texture (Macro/Micro): Smooth/Rough
  • Aggregate: Granite

Usage / Features

  • Pass-by noise
  • In-car noise
  • Ultra sensitive noise detection
  • Low background noise
  • Transparent track section
  • Drumming surface (closely spaced undulations that accentuate low frequency noise)
  • Underground, wet tread footprint photography for hydroplaning
Pass-by Noise Testing
Noise Monitoring and Underground Camera