Track 8: Large Asphalt Pad – Multiple Uses

Track 8 Map


The track eight area contains a 400 foot x 1400 foot, 14-acre asphalt VDA pad with a 2 mile access loop. Because of the immense size of the asphalt surface, it can be configured for a wide range of purposes, including high-speed lane changes, handling evaluation, autocross testing and events, as well as other uses. A training/conference room is also available in the adjacent facility.


  • Asphalt pad: 400 feet x 1400 feet (14 acres)
  • Access via loop that totals 2.0 miles
  • Loop width: 16 feet to 36 feet
  • Loop radii: 410 feet and 180 feet


  • Material: Asphalt
  • Surface Texture (Macro/Micro): Smooth/Rough
  • Aggregate: Granite

Usage / Features

  • High speed lane change
  • Handling
  • Autocross
  • Objective on-center and random steer
  • High speed straightaway
  • Large safety runoff area
  • Smooth asphalt surface
  • IRI = 62.4 in/mile
  • Conference Center includes spacious classroom / conference room with A/V equipment; suitable for various group sizes

Contact MLPG for inquiries about track and facility rental.

Conference Center