Track 9: Coast Down and Drift/Pull Evaluation

Track 9 Map


Track 9 is so long and straight that it contains large “X’s” painted on each end so that airplane pilots don’t confuse it for a runway. With a 4800 foot straightaway that is extremely flat from both end-to-end and side-to-side, it is ideal for drift/pull evaluation, as well as coast down testing. There is also an onsite building with a garage and conference room.


  • 1.25 miles end to end
  • 4800 foot straightaway
  • Track width: 40 feet to 80 feet


  • Material: Asphalt
  • Surface Texture (Macro/Micro): Smooth/Rough
  • Aggregate: Granite

Usage / Features

  • Vehicle sensitivity
  • Coast down
  • Drift/Pull
  • On site building with garage and conference room
  • Near perfect flatness over straightaway length
  • IRI = 37.4 in/mile
Track 9 Garage
Track 9 Building

Contact MLPG for inquiries about track and facility rental.