Michelin’s Testing Facility for North America

MLPG Aerial ViewWhen viewed from above, Michelin Laurens Proving Grounds (MLPG) in South Carolina looks like a large motorsports complex. But in reality, it is a vast 3,500-acre scientific laboratory devoted to the research and development of tires and vehicles. MLPG is Michelin’s on-vehicle test site for all of North America, and it is one of the largest testing facilities of its type in the world. It is here that Michelin tests and evaluates its tires in a never-ending effort to provide products that deliver outstanding performance, reliability and the highest quality.

A Full-Service Testing Facility

MLPG is also a destination for vehicle manufacturers and others who use it for testing, driver training, special events and more. There are more than a dozen individual test tracks supported by state-of-the-art technology and a highly experienced staff of engineers, professional test drivers and support personnel. Because our customers have all of these resources at their disposal instead of having to arrange for everything on their own, they can focus exclusively on accomplishing their objectives. In fact, many organizations have discovered they can accomplish more here in a single day than they can at multiple other facilities over many days.

Daily Avg.
High (ºF) Low (ºF)
January 52 29
February 57 32
March 65 39
April 74 47
May 81 57
June 88 66
July 91 69
August 90 68
September 84 60
October 74 48
November 64 38
December 55 31

Year-Round Testing

MLPG is located between Greenville and Columbia, South Carolina, and within a few hours drive of both Atlanta and Charlotte. With easy airport access and a temperate climate, it’s an ideal venue for testing year-round, including most days during the winter.

Safe and Secure

For organizations concerned about security and privacy, MLPG is a perfect solution. Shielded from view by a forest and protected by on-site security, perimeter fencing and other measures, the facility was designed from the ground up to protect against prying eyes and unwanted exposure. In addition, trained emergency medical technicians equipped with fire and rescue equipment are on-site 7 days a week from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, with special coverage available by arrangement.

Make Your Plans

MLPG is available for lease by organizations for confidential testing and special events.

Contact MLPG for inquiries about track and facility rental.