Michelin Laurens Proving Grounds Engineering Services

As a full-service testing facility, we are committed to helping our customers attain their objectives in a cost-effective, efficient manner. We offer fully customizable data acquisition solutions for all your testing needs…

Race Logic Vbox

Race Logic Data Acquisition

  • 100 Hz GPS data logging
  • OBD2 CAN data recording
  • Inertial Measurement Units (IMU)
  • Dual-antenna set up for precision slip angle measurement
  • GPS Base Station capability for 2cm locational accuracy including lane placement and path prediction capabilities
  • Thermocouple measurement
  • Analog and digital input recording
  • Video Vbox recording up to 4 cameras at 10Hz with customizable screen graphics and layout
Pass By Noise Evaluation

Coast-By and Drive-By Noise Testing Equipment

  • ISO10844:2014 test surface configurable for a variety of external noise tests (R117, R51.02, R51.03, etc.)
  • Available for use with most vehicle applications including passenger car, light truck, heavy truck, and electric vehicles
RT3100 Data Acquisition

OXTS RT3100 Data Acquisition

  • High-grade MEMS IMU for precision motion analysis
  • 0.15° slip angle accuracy at 50 km/h in all road conditions
  • Survey-grade GPS/GLONASS receivers for ultimate precision
  • Low latency, 100 Hz real-time update rate
  • CAN, Ethernet, and serial outputs interface with acquisition systems
Tire Braking Testing

Tire Braking Traction Grip Measurement

  • ASTM E 274 and ECE R117 Wet Grip testing offered
  • Peak and slide mu measurements
  • Tires compared to industry Standard Reference Test Tire or internal witness as desired
  • Loads ranging from 280 to 1800 kg for passenger car and light truck tires
  • Heavy truck tire testing with loads from 1700 to 5000 kg
  • Both wet and dry testing available
  • Multiple surface options including polished concrete, low grip asphalt, and high grip asphalt
Braking Robot

SAE J2909 Braking Testing Using an Anthony Best Dynamics Pedal Robot

  • Controlled, repeatable braking tests with consistent pedal force on every stop
  • Data can include pedal forces and wheel speeds throughout a stop
  • Tuning compatibility for nearly any vehicle
Thermal Image Camera

Thermal Imaging Capability

  • FLIR T1030sc camera for 1024 x 768 infrared images at 30 fps
  • Temperature range of -40°C to +2,000°C
  • Level I certified thermographer onsite
High Speed Camera

High Speed Camera

  • 1,000 fps at 800 x 600 color resolution
  • Multiple camera trigger and signal capabilities
Coast Down Test Rig

SAE J2263 / J1263 Coast Down / Road Load Testing

  • Passenger car and light truck
  • 1066.310 for heavy truck over 14,000 lb GVW
Interior Noise Dummy

Interior Noise Testing Capability, 0-5000 Hz Range

  • In-vehicle instrumentation for data collection and analysis using an Oros system and Head Acoustics dummy, or customizable microphone layouts
  • Numerous surfaces available for in-vehicle road noise evaluation (weathered asphalt, smooth asphalt, coarse gravel, etc.)
Grip Tester

Multiple Track Surface Characterization Offerings

  • GripTester measurement
  • ASTM E 965 measurement (mean texture sand depth)
  • ASTM E 274 Skid Trailer Measurement using ASTM E 501, ASTM E1136 and / or ASTM E 2493 Tires

Note: track monitoring services and equipment are available for external surface monitoring.

Customized Testing

Customized Testing

  • For more specialized data acquisition needs, Michelin Laurens Proving Grounds offers a flexible National Instruments data acquisition platform that has the capability of recording signals from a diverse assortment of sensor types including:
  • String pots
  • Thermocouples (including Infrared)
  • OBD2 CAN vehicle data
  • Accelerometers
  • Pressure transducers
  • Encoders

Contact our Engineering Personnel with inquiries about your technical testing needs.