Track 1: Noise & Comfort Loop / Dry Braking

Track 1 Map


Track One is the facility’s largest. For dry surface testing, it has a long noise and comfort loop which features numerous surfaces that simulate real-world roads, from smooth asphalt to broken concrete and potholes, and just about everything in-between.

Track One is also extensively used for straight-line braking analysis.


  • 1.7 miles tip to tip
  • 3.7 miles around outermost loop


  • Material: Asphalt
  • Surface Texture (Macro/Micro): Rough/Rough
  • Aggregate: Granite

Noise and Comfort Loop

  • Smooth asphalt
  • Smooth concrete
  • Coarse gravel/asphalt
  • Step-up/step-down
  • Cleats of various sizes and spacing
  • Asphalt bumps of various sizes
  • Broken concrete
  • Uneven concrete
  • Spalled concrete
  • Uneven slabs
  • Wake-up grooves

Dry Braking

  • Flexible configuration
Noise and Comfort Loop
Dry Braking

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